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The Exceptional Children’s Educational Center (EC2) System is not only an educational system.  It is a solution to the number one challenge parents and students face today: real time teacher response to students’ needs, especially during a child’s formative years. In an age when technology responds to its users in real-time, the teaching-learning process must do the same.  And that is only possible if the class size is manageable.

After nine years of being in the academe in different roles – as scholarship coordinator, as high school math teacher, as math department head, as school director – BrainGym, Incorporated’s Founding President Ronaldo S. Nobleza observed one truth: that the key to optimum student learning is in the class size. “Learning is not about ability but access.” Each student, to be able to learn to the highest level their innate ability allows, must have access to the teacher, to educational materials, and learning experiences every time he needs it.

Thus, EC2 was born in 2009 to take on the challenge of laying down the best possible literacy, numeracy and science (LiNuS) foundation to children aged 1-6 in a small class size environment through cross-curricular, trans-disciplinary, experiential-based individualized learning.  Our teacher-student ratio is 1 : 4. No one gets neglected. Everyone gets the attention he or she deserves, in real-time.  Kids don’t even need to raise their hands because their teachers who are there with them all the time see everything.

Our programs are individualized, tailor-made for each student’s ability and need. No one must catch up with his classmates’ learning phase; no one needs to wait for his classmate to catch up for him to move on. Everyone in the classroom interacts naturally without having the need to compete.  Whatever a child’s strength is, we nurture it.  Whatever the weaknesses are, we develop it into strengths or pair them with another whose strength is complementary to theirs.  It even encourages collaboration among EC2 kids.

Our methodology allows EC2 kids to explore the world outside the campus. We cannot bring a bear or a lion inside the classroom so we go to the zoo.  EC2 kids learn the life cycle of a butterfly by watching it happen in butterfly sanctuaries.  They have seen how sound waves look like in water at the Macau Science Center. They’ve played with birds and animals at Singapore Zoo.  The world is our classroom.  By the time an EC2 student completes his 3-year LiNuS program, he would have visited four other countries, in addition to his own.

The amazing result speaks for itself. All of our graduates excel in their respective big class size elementary schools not only in academics but also in sports and extra-curricular activities. Their EQ is healthy, too. Their teachers report that “they can sit through one-hour presentations unlike kids from other preschools”.

We are EC2.  Smaller class size. Higher Standard. Better results.




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