Meet our Teachers

Teacher Yami


My name is Teacher Yami. I am a professional licensed teacher with a degree in Elementary Education and almost done with my MA in Special Education. I am the Administrative Officer of EC2, in charge of day-to-day administration and management of the Talamban Branch.  I also teach the morning Kindergarten Class. I have been with EC2 from the very beginning and loving every minute of it. I believe in its vision. I believe that we are only able to truly effect real learning in all of our students because of the reduced class size.

Teacher Jay


My name is Teacher Jay. I am a professional licensed teacher with a major in Special Education. I am responsible for making the Special Needs children’s learning experience fun and effective through multi-faceted classroom pedagogy, immersive outdoor activities and collaboration with my students’ therapists. I am also facilitating the teaching-learning experience of all the Nursery and Pre-Kindergarten classes.  I love EC2’s Activity Fridays.  Whatever we can not bring in the classroom, we expose our students to. Truly the world is our classroom.

Teacher Shaine

My name is Teacher Shaine. I am a professional licensed teacher who is bubbly and very passionate about teaching kids. I earned my BEEd specializing in Special Education from Saint Vincent’s College – Dipolog City.  I am currently taking my Masters in SpEd at CNU. I believe in the EC2 vision. I believe in the effectiveness of small class size format, and training kids to truly think critically. I am the teacher of all the Pre-Kindargerten students this year.  One day, just like our Founding President Teacher Ray, I dream of building an EC2 in my own community.

Teacher Van


My name is Teacher Van. I am a professional licensed teacher who is currently doing part-time parent-volunteer teaching work in EC2. I am responsible for the learning of the morning Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes.  I know for sure that the EC2 system works and that the LiNuS Program is effective because my own two-year old son Noah is a product of EC2’s Early Starter Program. I believe the key is in the 1 : 4 teacher-student ratio.  We are able to attend to all of our student’s needs because they are very few.

Teacher Mimi


My name is Teacher Mimi. I am a professional licensed teacher and I am responsible for the learning of all Early Starter Program and Nursery students of EC2.  I am very passionate about this vocation.  I am continually amazed at the level of excellence EC2 kids are able to achieve just because the manageable class size allows us to take care of everyone’s needs.

Teacher Reby

My name is Teacher Reby. I am a professional licensed teacher doing volunteer work in EC2-Talamban.  I have a Certificate in Early Childhood Education from CTU and currently enrolled in CNU for Master of Arts in Education Major in SPED-LD. I am responsible for the learning of the Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes. I believe so much in the EC2 vision and educational approach because I see the result on each EC2 kid.  I believe true learning starts when we instill the love of knowledge, interest and curiousity to the kids.

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