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Tomorrow, 3 February 2017, we will hold our Activity Friday at the very exclusive and newly-opened child-friendly SkyWater Park.  This is our way of rewarding you for your class performance and awesome accomplishments during the Second Term. Please be there at the 6th Floor of Toyoko Inn, A.S. Fortuna before 10am in your Type B uniforms. Kindly bring swimming gears, towel, and packed snacks.  Our school activity will be until 12nn only.


I have attended big schools from preschool to college. Often, I would hear teachers say that they remember by name only two types of students: the smart ones, and the mischievous ones. And then there’s the special breed that teachers always remember the most for they are both intelligent and mischievous.

Now that I am an educator, I can neither pressure the parents to turn out intelligent sons and daughters to be my students, nor could I advise them to raise mischievous ones. But I am sure that we welcome all types of kids in EC2. Intelligent or mischievous – or both – I welcome them in a class just small enough that they can be assisted when they need to – and just big enough that they can be left alone when they are so absorbed in their work that adult intervention is absolutely unnecessary.

They are in an environment where they can harness their naturally-endowed intelligence by putting their curiosity and energy to fruitful use through the educational materials and activities I have prepared for them in the classroom. Most of the time they learn through respectful interaction with their teachers and peers. It truly takes a tribe to raise a child.

And on Fridays, we bring them out to observe nature and the wonders of Science while stretching their little hands and feet in a wonderful adventure of fun and discovery. Sometimes, we let them watch and enjoy films and musicale to appreciate them as well as for EC2 kids to learn how to properly behave in public. It’s easy for us to do these things because our class size is so manageable.

I love my job because I see that I am making a difference to all our students, not just the intelligent and the mischievous. As our Founding President said in one of our meetings,”If there is one student in EC2 whose progress I do not know about, we’re too big.”


EC2 teachers, this page is for you, your classroom experiences, your ideas, your thoughts. You may post here freely.

Just use your assigned user name and password to login and share to our audience what goes on in your class and what wisdom you have learned from it. You may feature any of your gifted kids in class. Our experiential education Fridays. How we are the best preschool in Cebu that delivers real result for all our smart students.

Write about the advantage of our small class size.

The challenges and joy of teaching exceptional and gifted kids in our little green preschool.

Who knows? Maybe what you’ve experienced is the answer to a parent’s concern.

So please write on this Teacher’s Blog. We all look forward to it.

Teacher Ray

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