Admission Procedures and Requirements

Step 1: Reserve a slot before January 28 by filling out the Student Information Sheet.

Step 2: Let your child take the BOEHM 3 PRESCHOOL (Test of Basic Concepts 3rd Edition) admissions test.

Step 3: Start your child’s enrollment process by submitting the following: (click here for online enrollment option)

Requirements for enrollment:

  1. NSO copy of birth certificate
  2. Two (2) copies 2X2 and one (1) copy 1X1 ID picture with white background
  3. Report Card (if transferee from another school)
  4. Doctor’s Certificate (indicating allergies or any special medical needs)
  5. Pediatric Psychiatrist records (if child has special needs)
  6. Receipt for paid tuition fee and miscellaneous fee

Step 4: Discuss and agree on your child’s Individual Education Program (IEP) with your child’s teachers and the School Director.

Step 5: Buy your child’s Type A and Type B uniform, communications notebook and other school supplies and put it in his locker.

Step 6: Attend the parent’s orientation.

Online Enrollment

Enroll early for next school year!

Jan 24 – Feb 14, 2017      5% Discount
Discount applies only to tuition fee paid for a full year.

Now accepting Grades 1 to 3 applicants

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