Summer 2017 Course Offering

Better Explained Math (all levels)

– This is not your ordinary Math class. It is now on its 7th year and facilitated by EC2’s Founding President, Teacher Ray Nobleza. This class is fun, interesting, and best of all, the lessons are presented in chewable bits. All your kids’ phobia in Math and numbers will go away once they experience this 4-week course. In fact, they may actually end up loving the predictability of Mathematics after they realize that it is exhilarating and easy. Don’t just take our word for it. Ask those who’ve been through this program and listen to what they have to say. (Php 4,500)

Games of the Gifted (all levels)

Is your child preparing for a quiz bee, spelling bee, MTAP, Sudoku, 4X4 Rubik’s Cube or any inter-disciplinary competition? “Games of the Gifted” is the crossfit of all quiz bees and academic competitions. In fact, it is the most holistic competition ever. Done in a week of grueling series of competitions among players of the same age category (preschool, elem 1, elem 2, high school 1, high school 2), Games of the Gifted will measure one’s innate competencies and stock knowledge. It involves competitions in maths, current events, spelling bee, athletics, essay writing, chess, rubik’s cube solving, sudoku, and many more areas of competence. Best of all, no one knows what the “Game of the Day” will be because it will be drawn randomly 10 minutes before the competition.

So, do you think you’ve got what it takes to be called MOST GIFTED? Call 3166220 and register now for the Summer 2017 Games of the Gifted. Open to regular students, home schoolers, out-of-school kids, anyone age 5 – 17 years old may join.

Only PHP4500 entry fee. The competition will be every day from May 15 – 21, 2017. Venue of the games will vary depending on the event of the day so please watch out for announcements here in our website.

Let the games begin!


Reading-Language Enhancement (for ages 3 – 8 years old)  

– This is the most interesting way to learn how to read or enhance your child’s present reading skills using our LiNuS program materials from the UK. Whether your child is a beginner or you just want your child to polish his reading skills, this course is highly recommended. Notice how EC2 kids are prolific readers and speakers at a very young age? We offer the same course this summer for non-EC2 kids. You will see the wonderful difference a small class size and the LiNuS program make. (Php 4,500)

Booster Preschool (for toddlers aged 2 – 6)

– Everyone deserves to experience the famous EC2 Educational System even for just one summer. Same small class size, same higher standard, same better result that we give our regular students except that this one is only for four weeks. Your child gets to wear the EC2 uniform, use our educational materials, experience one in-campus and one off-campus Activity Friday, and learn from our very effective system. Two hours per session, three times a week. (Php 4,500)

Art-Rageous! (for ages 3 – 8 years old)

-Kids will learn to explore their creativity through fun arts and crafts activities. Each week there will be various art-themed and sensory-rich projects that will engage your child’s imagination while enhancing their fine motor skills. This class is designed to encourage children to experience and experiment with a variety of media and craft supplies. All art materials for this course will be provided by EC2. (Php 4,500)

Book Camp (4 – 9 yrs old)

– Students in this class will encounter a wide variety of stories from many different cultures. Storytelling will enhance their listening skills and their ability to recognize context clues, as well as develop their skills in telling stories with ease and enthusiasm. Kids will be encouraged to share books with their peers and recognize the value of books. Book Camp will spark your child’s imagination, stimulate their curiosity, build their vocabulary, and help with overall brain development. (Php 4,500)


This class will kickstart your child’s love for music and movement through discovery and sound development. They will learn about the different kinds of musical instruments and have fun listening, singing, and dancing to various genres of music. (Php 4,500)

PENMANSHIP (4 – 10 years old)

Neat and legible penmanship has become a challenge and concern in today’s highly digitalized world. Improve your child’s handwriting ability this summer through EC2’s Penmanship workshop. In this class, kids will be trained to practice proper and legible print and cursive writing. Emphasis is given to correct letter formation and grasp development through fun multi-sensory activities. They will learn to write clearly and uniformly, increase their patience, and enhance their confidence. (Php 4,500)

UKULELE (5 years old and up)

The ukulele is the simplest among the string family and is perfect for kids to learn. This instrument is handy and easy to play. In this class, they will learn basic ukulele chords, strum patterns, techniques, and songs. Under the capable tutelage of Paul Caca of Ukulele Cebu, kids enrolled in this program will learn to play music and enjoy it. (Php 4,500)

YOGA (3 and up; Parents welcome)

Yoga is a great avenue for learning through movement and also improve mind-body concentration in a fun and creative way. Yoga encourages optimism and a less reactive nature in kids. It increases focus and improves the quality of sleep. Yoga is especially beneficial for children with special needs. (Php 4,500)

BASIC TAEKWONDO (3 – 10 years old)

This class is a great introduction to basic martial arts techniques and structured physical exercise for kids. Our program is especially designed to develop young children’s physical fitness as well as social skills while balancing confidence and discipline through safe and fun structured play. (Php 4,500)

FILIPINO (5 – 10 years old)

Ang apat na linggong pag-aaral na ito ay naglalayong makapagturo sa mag-aaral ng batayang kakayahang maipamalas ang kanilang kakayahan sa pagpapahayag ng kaisipan at damdamin sa wikang Filipino, kahandaan sa pagbasa at pagsulat, at ang kakayahang makisalamuha sa kapwa bata sa wikang Filipino. (Php 4,500)

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